Sunday, January 23, 2005

She's Baaaaaack!

Just a note to let all the five of you (if there's that many reading my blog) that I'm back from my self-imposed silence on this blog.

What can I say about my AWOL? The muse wasn't moving me? I was being held hostage by Fundamentalist Christians who equate witches with yellow, square-pantsed sponges? I was spending the month of January in the islands - the warm islands?

Lies all lies!

The truth is I've been a lazy writer lately, preferring to spend time writing Plans of Correction for our facilities' Department of Health surveys. I know - I know: Work should NEVER intrude upon blogging - but, well. . . What can I say: Please forgive me.

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack! Plans of Corrections will just HAVE to wait!


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