Sunday, June 19, 2005

Scoping out guys at B&N

I love going to the local Barnes and Noble early Sunday morning. I get a venti latte, gather up an armload of magazines and slip into a back table. I sip latte, puruse articles and people watch.

This morning was just like that until he walked into my line of vision. He was tall and slightly overweight with a lot of lovely white hair and a trim white beard. He was a cutie. I usually don't notice guys that much- maybe I'm getting immune as I age. But I noticed him. He was walking around the magazine racks and eventually went out of sight.

I went back to reading Civil War Times - an interesting article about Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and Little Round Top that was not a Chamberlain-bashing article - for which I was grateful. I hate to read articles bashing him and "Old Pete." They did what they had to do inside the Fog of War. And besides, most of the articles are written by people many years removed from the Battle of Gettysburg. Yes, I'm a history geek. And if you don't know who "Old Pete" is (or was) - google him.

So my almost-love-affair with Joshua Lawrence intruded into my guy-watching. I finished the article and the latte, gathered up the magazines I was buying, separating them from the ones I needed to put back in the rack. I thought, "Maybe I'll walk around and see if he's still here."

I left the magazine area and passed a rack of new hard backs. One had caught my eye when I had first walked into the store. "The Historian." I picked it up, read the inside flap and, with a sigh, placed it on my to-buy pile of magazines. I then walked to the check-out line.

I didn't think about the cute guy with the white hair and beard until I got home.

Oh, well - interest in the male of the species had been side-tracked by a book.
Story of my life. I've been side-tracked by books since I could read - and when I found out I could also write, it just got worse.

Maybe that's why I hate throwing out books. They're stable - always around - and never break up with me.

Quote on a B&N mug: Booklovers never go to bed alone.


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