Friday, June 17, 2005

Can you say "Quagmire"?

So the President is planning a multi-media blitz campaign and tour touting the coming victory in Iraq - a couple of years after his "Mission Accomplished" debacle. But there is no victory. There are only more deaths - more destruction - less of a country. What will we be leaving the Iraqi people when we do go? Burned-out houses, bombed villages, a destroyed infrastructure. Will we leave them with a good sense of what the "democratic way" is? I doubt it.

But President Bush will be going on TV on June 28 for a major address to the American people and the world. He will attempt to shore up support, to regain the "patriotic" fervor of the early days of the war in Iraq. Does the President understand history? I doubt it.

I am old enough to remember another President from Texas and another war. I remember that President going on television to shore up support for "his" war. It didn't work then. Will it work now? I doubt it.


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