Friday, June 10, 2005

"Another Day in Paradise" - Reprise

In an early post I wrote about a woman, younger than me, who was dying slowly. The circulatory complications of Diabetes had already taken two limbs, eroded her kidneys and was quickly taking her remaining fingers - dry and dark brown from gangrene.

I learned today that she died in the nursing home - hopefully as comfortable as possible.

As for me, I spent my day reading about our new incontinency guidelines - for the fourth time - and searching the internet for pictures of pressure ulcers - all for meetings next week.

The president of our company came into my office to chat for a bit and told me he thought I could do the job of the VP of Operations (he was being VERY generous).

I then got into my new car and went to Giant, where I purchased mostly healthy food.

At home I put away my groceries, petted and fed the kitties, fixed a quick dinner and watched a little TV. Tonight I will soak in a tub of lavender bath salts and unwind some more.

And then I will slip into bed and wait for three furry bodies to jump up and get into their preordained night-positions. I will listen to an affirmation tape as I fall asleep thinking about my friend's wedding tomorrow.

Like I said: "Another day in paradise." It truly, truly is.


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