Saturday, May 28, 2005

Separation Anxiety

Just a brief blog on this subject.

We all have this problem at times.

I have a touch of it when I go on overnight business trips. It was a bit more intense when Heather moved to Seattle (but those symptoms are getting better all the time).

I also had it when I broke up with Mark. I'd spent almost one-tenth of my life being part of that couple. During those five years I felt as it I had been accepted by his family.

A few weeks ago I received proof that I had been accepted - Mark's sister and her family invited me (months after the break-up) to spend a weekend with them at their home in Baltimore. Fay, his sister, and I would even go to an Orioles game.

Anyone who knows me, knows that Baltimore and the Orioles are two of my favorite things. Fay and her family had been sneaking on that list, too.

But then came the break-up. And when you break-up with a guy, you break-up with his family, too - especially if you've been going to almost all family functions for the last five years.

Deciding whether or not to visit Fay and her family was a difficult. I really was beginning to think of her, Al and the kids as almost-family. I loved their home, loved Baltimore, certainly loved the O's.

After much soul-searching, I decided not to accept Fay's generous offer.

Separation anxiety can occur when you least expect it.


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