Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hurley the Hero

I do watch television - contrary to some of my more recent comments.

One of my favorite programs is "Lost." Most Lost fans think that Jack, the surgeon with father-issues, is the hero. Some think it's really the anti-hero, Sawyer. The feminists out there may believe it's Kate. The philosophers may prefer John Locke.

Me? I vote for Hurley - the big guy with a bigger heart. Hurley is the real person on the island - he's "everyman" or "everywoman." He's not beautiful or handsome, doesn't have an exciting job, didn't kill anyone, and isn't a rock star. Heck, he's not even pregnant. He's just your average overweight guy who found himself with a stroke of luck - we have yet to know if it was good luck or bad luck.

Hurley is the keystone of Lost. He's the stabilizeer, the voice of calm and reason. He's the one who decides to build a "golf course" because too many survivors were worrying about . . .well, about surviving.

Hurley is the part of your brain that says, "Pile of lemons equals pitcher of lemonade."

In a world that seems to value beauty and not heart, Hurley is a stand-out.

Can you tell I have a bit of a crush on the big guy?

Hurley is the hero of "Lost." I'm going to put his picture right next to my one of John Gulager.


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