Wednesday, May 25, 2005

My Lies Aren't as Bad as Your Lies

The news these days does rile me up - as Pop used to say. Ole Pop used to get riled up over completely different type of news events. Pop was the arch conservative ("arch" as in Archie Bunker-conservative), while I wear the bleeding-heart liberal badge proudly.

However, what is right is right - no matter if you're a blue or a red. (Side bar: Remember when being "red" was a bad thing - as in "commie"? Oh, you're too young to remember that? Then go watch Sponge Bob. Sorry - I forgot, SB's supposed to be gay. Forget it, then.)

Anway, I digress - what's right is right - I mean: what's fair is fair.

We went to war on inflated "truths." But let Newsweek run a small article with an unnamed source . . . And I don't for one minute believe that the deaths and anti-American demonistrations in Afghanistan were ONLY the result of that Newsweek article. Not unless an American news magazine is widely read in Kabul.

Editor and Publisher has a great column on the subject:

But can you believe them? After all, it's written by, for and about journalists.

P.S. You can see I'm back to ranting.


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