Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thoughts from a Road Warrior

I drove to the Pittsburgh area today - another beautiful May day.

Thoughts as the day ends:

1.Most of the drive is on the Pennsylvania Turnpike through the southern part of the state - a vast area of mountains, rolling hills and patchwork farms. All of these can be seen at once when you come out of the tunnel before the Hancock/Breezewood Exit. The road is high upon a mountainside there and looks down upon a valley of farmland. In the distance you can see Breezewood, "The Motel Capitol of the World" - but there is more land, trees and fields than sprawl.

2.However, the beauty at times is marred by the little swollen bodies of groundhogs and raccoons lining the roadside. Every so often - more times than I could imagine - there is the body of a deer, twisted and broken, pushed up against the median barrier. The reddish brown stains on the macadam are testament to the battle between deer and car - with both losing in the end. My pagan heart silently blesses each animal killed as it tried to maneuver man's concrete paths.

3. I can tell immediately if a hotel room is a smoking or nonsmoking room. My first one today was a smoking room - I started to choke a little the moment I opened the door. Luckily there was a nonsmoking room available.

4. I am too dependent on technology. Rental car only has a CD player, so I had to go to the library to get a book on CDs - I canNOT stand 6 hours in the car anymore without listening to a book. Then I almost busted a blood vessel when I thought I couldn't get online. As you can see, the problem was solved.

5. The back pain has not left me for good. I've been driving more than usual in the last couple of months - I'm beginning to feel it in the nether regions. Soaking in the tub is on tonight's agenda.

6. It's always good to have an Office Max (or Staples) and a B&N nearby - almost like being at home. Already visited both on this trip.

7. Never take yourself too seriously - no matter WHO you are. In the magazine section of B&N under "Entertainment", magazines about the late Pope John Paul II sat in between the "American Idol" magazine (who knew?) and Jazz Culture.

THAT'S Entertainment!


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