Sunday, May 08, 2005

National Nurses Week

I'm a nurse. When I started this blog I touched on how I became a nurse - process of elimination:
1. I needed a profession
2. I didn't want to be a secretary
3. Family could not afford for me to go to college
4. Easton Hospital School of Nursing in 1965 cost $500 for three full years;Washington Hospital Center School of Nursing (near my home and where I wanted to go) cost $2000 for three full years.
Therefore, I went to nursing school in Easton, PA.

I've been an RN for more than 37 years. Sometimes I enjoy what I do - I'm really good at it - or so I've been told. I'm best at teaching inservices and nurse aide classes. I really enjoy that - all the time, not just sometimes. Maybe I should have been a teacher.

I love to write. I love to read. All the time - not just sometimes. I can even quote lines from Shakespeare, Poe (naturally), Yeats, Wordsworth, Blake, Austen. Maybe I should have been an English teacher.

But, alas, I am a nurse - life intervened and other dreams were set aside.

But I revisit those dreams everyday. Blogging is part of that revisit. Writing on one of my Works in Progress daily is part of that revisit. Reading the classics everyday (I read aloud to the cats - thanks you, James Qwilleran) is part of that revisit.

So happy Nurses Week to all nurses - especially those of us who went into nursing because of reasons other than our own dreams. Revisit those other dreams everyday - it will make you a better nurse.


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