Friday, May 06, 2005

He's Baaaaaack

I just ran out of the office to get lunch (now sitting at computer munching a wrap - healthy one).

I saw the hawk, same big beautiful hawk, sitting on the same lightpole when I was out a few minutes ago.

Just seeing him again brightened a gray (outside and inside) day.

Little things do mean a lot.

Now - after writing "little things . . ." I have the feeling that the term is wrong in describing this bird -any bird - any part of nature.

If we see nature's wonders as "little things" then there is something wrong.
Everything in nature is a wondrous thing - "Bright and beautiful . . ." Things to be cherished.

Seeing "my" hawk again was a BIG thing. I smiled - a lot - after finding him on his lightpole again.


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