Monday, April 18, 2005

That anti-aging face cream . . .

. . . must be working.

Yesterday was a gloriously beautiful day. I spent about an hour at B&N, sipping FF latte and reading (I did buy some magazines and a book). I then went to a nursery and bought plants - pansies, lavender and herbs. Back at home, I cleaned off my patio and potted the plants. I decided I wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon sitting on the patio, reading and sipping. . . what would I be sipping?

I had the urge for a beer. But I shouldn't be drinking a lot of alcohol, so I decided to run to the Giant for some O'Doule's - the non-alcoholic stuff. At the Giant I took my time, meandered around the aisles, picked up pretzels to go with my fake beer. I proceeded to the check-out line where a sweet-young-thing beeped through the O'Doule's and asked for my ID. A tad confused, I thought she wanted my grocery store discount card and handed that to her. "No, I need your ID," she repeated patiently.

I must have still looked wifty, because she motioned to the six-pack and said, "For that - I need ID." I finally got it. "For non-alcoholic beer, you need an ID?" I asked shaking my head. And then it hit me. I started to dig in my purse for my driver's license, thinking that it had been a long time since I had been "carded." I pulled out the license and said, "You mean I don't look like a 57 year old woman?"

A manager must have walked by then, because she suddenly appeared to tell the cashier that there were some people who didn't need to show ID for "cigarettes and other things."

I still couldn't get the idea that I was being asked for ID for non-alcoholic beer. "Is it because there is a little alcohol in it?" I asked the manager. She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Maybe."

"What do you do with mouthwash, then?" I wondered aloud as I picked up my bag and walked 57 year old legs out to my car.

The O'Doule's did taste pretty good as I sat on my clean patio.


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