Monday, April 11, 2005

Lunch time thoughts

My office is small but it has a large window and a glass door that face out onto the building’s parking lot and grounds. This affords me the unique experience of being able to watch personnel and visitors come and go. Today I have glimpses of prospective employees coming for job interviews.
I work for a nursing home management company. The operative word in that phrase is “nursing.” I’m the director of the “nursing” part of management and I have five regional nurses to cover 18 nursing homes. I had six but when one resigned, her position was not filled – a financial consideration. One regional nurse is now on maternity leave, so I’m down to four – temporarily. I’m trying to take up the slack and do my own job. At times it’s difficult and at other times almost impossible. But I smile and nod a lot.
And watch prospective employees come for interviews – for an accounting-type position. I want to say to TPTB, “This is a NURSING home company – not an ACCOUNTING home company. Why can’t I have another nurse?” But I don’t. Like I said – I smile and nod a lot, and watch accountants walk into interviews. The latest one just left, head down, clutching a portfolio - her body language saying that the interview did not go well.
Sitting comfortably ensconced in my windowed office, I felt a surge of compassion for her. After all, I’m a nurse. I can work almost anywhere. I could be hired on the spot in some areas. I just don’t know if, at 57, I have the physical stamina to do the hands-on, general duty nursing job.
I do like my bright office. And a paycheck. And healthcare. So, I’ll keep my mouth shut and watch more accounts apply for positions at this nursing home management company.


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