Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How Mitzi Got Her Groove Back

I wrote 600+ words last night on “The Change.” “The Change” is my novel about three women, of very different backgrounds, whose lives converge when each one is going through a crisis and when each one is discovering that she is developing supernatural powers while on the verge of menopause. The women meet and unite to “get their grove back” and to seek justice for criminal actions of some of the men who have used them.
Writing the scene gave me goals and motivation for one of my minor characters, a minister who is not all he seems to be. Ruby Kincaid is a black nurses aide who is going to school nights to get her R.N. She is in her forties and raising two teenage boys – sons of a man, languishing now in prison for armed robbery. She has a strong faith which is being tested as she discovers that she seems to be able to heal people with her touch. When her touch fails to heal a fellow parishoner who dies during a service, her pastor reassures her. He needs a scapegoat for his scheme to rob the church of its building fund and Ruby, who tries unsuccessfully to hide her attraction to the younger man, is his most likely candidate.
Mitzi, The Writer is Baaaaaaaack!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My name is Mitzi ...my divorce was final June 14th...I am 43 with 4 daughter's...two still home...9 yr old twin girls...I teach and coach and am dying to read this book!!! My life has been a whirlwind since I was pregnant at the age of 15! My life could make an amazing storyline...so I'm sooo interested in this one!! Thanks again!

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