Saturday, April 23, 2005

That Was The Week That Was - April 23, 2005

For those of you under 40, that was the title of a mavelous British-import TV show (many years before we got their reality TV or even "Are You Being Served"). TW3 spoofed the week's real news.

This is my week's real news. I cannot make this up - if I did say it was my fiction, no one would believe that it could happen - that is, unless, it was on an episode of The Office - and then it would be considered satirical. But, no, sad to say, this all happened in Mitzi World this week.

Disclaimer: If anyone from PennMed reads this and wants to fire me for giving away coporate secrets or for discussing corporate goings-on in a blog (as other more well-known bloggers have been terminated), please note the following: 1. I am NOT doing this on company time (unless Saturday mornings are now considered PennMed time). 2. I am NOT doing this on a company computer. 3. I am NOT disclosing any corporate secrets that could be used in the industry (dear goddess, I hope no one else would do these things) and D. Go ahead, make a case to fire me - I'm 57, fat, tired and need a rest - and the publicity - I would love to be the old lady Wonkette.

My week:

1. There was an interoffice memo from the president of the company via the HR department that no one is to place oversized coffee mugs in the dishwasher. I guess the company president couldn't fit his mug into the dishwasher one day.

2. A facility administrator said a "tall woman" told him to use different colored paper in the clinical records for each month of the year- for example: December's documentation in a resident's chart would all be on red paper.

3. The raise that regional people (the ones who drive to the facilties almost everyday) received the beginning of this month will virtually be negated by a change in expense policies: you cannot charge the first 30 miles on your expense report. At 40 cents a mile that comes to 12 dollars for each trip. I guess the price of gas is coming down soon - not to mention the price of tires, car insurance and general wear and tear on our nerves when we drive daily.

As an addition to the above, one of my regional nurses called me (as I was stuck in traffic trying to get back to the office where I can't put in an oversized mug into the dishwasher - even if I HAD an oversized mug) to tell me, that the raise she was supposed to get in this paycheck had not yet arrived. I called my office - from I-78 around Lenhartsville, already in single-lane before the construction and placed on hold for-ev-er. A full bladder, single-lane construction, worry about her department does not make for a happy camper. I told dear Olivia that I would just wait on the line until Willette (HR person who put through the raises) could be tracked down.

For anyone from PennMed who may be reading this: No, I did NOT get to the office Friday afternoon - I drove right home and arrived there at 4:15 - 15 minutes prior to my regular quitting time. But then, I did leave at 7:30 AM - one half hour prior to my regular starting time. But then, I didn't take lunch. Let's see 30 minutes minus 15 minutes equals - 15 minutes owed to me plus the 30 minutes for no lunch equals 45 minutes owed me. Hmmmm . . . 45 minutes minus 30 miles. I think I need a calculator - don't worry, it's my own calculator; I'm not doing it on PennMed time; it IS oversized (so I can read the numbers), but I won't put it in the dishwasher.


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