Sunday, May 08, 2005

The "Great" American Idol Controversy

I shall begin by saying that I may be one of the few people in the nation who have never watched one episode of "American Idol." After spending most of my formative years being humiliated for my weight, I am intrinsically adverse to watching people being put down- especially on national television. I didn't even watch the "Prime Time" episode that purported to "investigate" the connection between one of "Idol's" judges and a contestant.

Now you know that I have absolutely no background on which to base my opinion. But an opinion I do have.

STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! (see previous post on the "Runaway Bride")

This is NOT important. This should not clog up news shows and magazines - or even my AOL home screen.

In other words: Who Gives a Flying Fuck?

There, I've used "The F-Word" again - over this country's obsession with faux celebrities. I'm not against the show - let those who want to watch it, watch. I will continue to choose not to watch. I will defend your right to watch. However, please - please- please do not make the foibles of these talented-challenged people (the judges and the ex-contestant looking to expand his fifteen minutes of fame), do not make their exploits more a part of our culture than they already are.

If, when confronted with the story that an "Idol" judge slept with a contestant, the media-types would just say: WGAFF, the world would definitely be a much better place.

Going back to hawk-watching.


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