Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Another Day in Paradise

And that's true.
I'm lucky. I just have to have someone slap me on the back of the head every so often to remind me of it. (Now, now - too many takers out there.)

I have to just accept that I'm fairly good at the job I have and just get the f--k on with it. I have my dreams - don't we all. But I'm lucky enough to be able to support myself and save a little money to work towards those dreams.

Maybe one day - just maybe, I'll have a book contract and enough guts to say, "The Hell with Heath Insurance! I'm going to write full time and if I get sick . . .well, we'll just burn that bridge when we cross it."

And just what brought on today's epiphany?

1. I think I sort of, like kinda like, well . . . ahem . . . I think I blackmailed our pharmacy company into giving my regional nurses new wireless-ready laptops. It went something like this," Gee, Gary . . ." (He's their CEO) " . . . it's all about support. And if I want to put policies and procedures in place to allow the regional nurses to assist the facilities . . .blah, blah, blah." In other words, give me the hardware and we'll be good to you and promote your computerized med system (that many nurses are scared of).

And . . .
B. It was a damn fine May day.

And . . .
3. I could have had a job interview for the Liaison position at a Visiting Nurse Association (I'm not going - better the devil you know - at least for now).

I just hope all this good feeling lasts - at least through tomorrow.


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