Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Fat Sister

I just had to blog this - and apologize to anyone reading this since it was triggered by an Oprah show - one that's still on as I write.

The show is about being "the fat one in the family." Aha! I'm an expert on that topic. I was always the "fat one in the family" - the entire family, not just my immediate family. Thus I suffered the sharp taunts of my cousin, Butch, my tormentor each summer when we visited my aunt and uncle. My father felt that teasing would get me to realize that I should lose weight. It didn't.

It hurts me to watch these lovely women being put down by the people who should love them.
Been there - felt that.

On Oprah: The thin sister who taunted her fat sister with sexy underwear. The father who called his daughter fat and ugly.

My Life: I overheard a friend of my father tell him that "at least you have one pretty daughter" (to which Pop said nothing). I always felt that because I was "the fat daughter" that I wasn't good enough.

Everything throughout my entire life seemed to revolve around my weight. Until now.

Finally at 57 I realize that I'm losing weight for my health (see previous post) and for NO OTHER REASON. Get that, world? I don't need acceptance - I've proved myself a worthy person many times over. I am beautiful, intelligent and talented.

I'm overweight - but losing and getting healthier. If you can't accept me as I AM, get out of my life. I don't have the time for you - I'm too busy to deal with people who aren't worthy of MY time, MY attention, MY love.

And if you have an overweight person in your life that you "supposedly" love - GET OVER IT!
Love them for themselves - or you may lose them.

Oprah: This poor girl is now being told by her father that she is not good enough unless she loses weight. I just hope that when he's old and dying, that she still loves him enough to be at his bedside. . . .I was . . . .


Anonymous Kimberly said...

I have a story to tell you because I've had the worst experience just now with my weight.
My sister is two years older than me and about 10 cm taller than me. I weigh just a bit more than her. To which a friend of my mother who is male said, "how can that be you're so small, and then starts naming all my features that are larger and bigger than that of my sister for example my legs). My mother just laughed while I was obviously not amused. I was really insulted. So I know what the feeling is. At home I'm the the fat sister who is 'at least smart'. Why do they say this? Just because they feel sorry?

could I contact you one this subject?

3:06 PM  
Blogger Mitz said...

Yes, Kimberly
Email me at

10:19 PM  

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