Wednesday, June 01, 2005

One of My Worse Nightmares . . .

. . . came true today.

I was on the phone and Frank was standing outside the glass door of my office frantically trying to get my attention. There was a fire at Praixis - our Alzheimer's facility in Easton - luckily across the parking lot from another building, Easton Nursing Center.

The fire was in the motor that runs the elevator - the only one in a three floor facility. All residents were eventually evacuated - no one was injured and all the staff performed professionally. I helped out as much as I could - we even had some of our young guys from corporate office there - carrying beds down the stairways to set up temporary rooms on a lower level. What could have been horrific was at the worse organized chaos - and at the best - well . . . at the best, it was really well done. By dinner time all was clamer - most of the residents were back in Praxis - and those that couldn't go back in had safe beds at ENC.

I was on my feet moving most of the afternoon and, tonight, I'm exhausted. I always want to do so much when I get home - tonight it was 7 PM (a 12 hour day since I was in the office early) - but not last night and not tonight. Time and energy devoured by exhaustion.

I could never go back to "real" nursing at the bedside - never be a charge nurse again. It would kill me - or I would have no other life - just work, eat, sleep and work again - I would have no energy for anything else.

But I did drive the Cruiser this morning with the sunroof open and The Beatles album "1" blaring away.

Today proved to me finally that buying the Cruiser was the right move. I must remember that you really only live in the present - you can plan for the future - but planning and actuality are two different things.

Today - right now - this instant - that's what's important.

Now to get the smell of burning metal out of my mind . . . .


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