Wednesday, June 01, 2005

"Good Morning, Mr. Felt"

Your name is very close to the "Mission Impossible" character, Mr. Phelps, who, every week was given an impossible mission.

Your mission was very real and very impossible. Get the truth of what was happening inside a secretive White House - get it out to the American people. You did it the only way you could, in as much secret as your antagonists used.

The picture of Hal Holbrook playing you in the movie "All the President's Men" is a lasting image. Holbrook stood in the shadows of a parking garage, talking to Redford and Hoffman as Woodward and Bernstein - telling them to "follow the money." Follow the crooked path that eventually lead to the Oval Office.

"Deep Throat" became such an American icon that Chris Carter used it in similar characters through out the "X-Files" series - from the cigarette-smoking man as the "bad" DT to the shadowy figure who called Muldar whenever the FBI agent taped an "X" to his apartment window.

News stories now report the real Deep Throat agonized for decades over his role in "bringing down a president." Now, in his nineties, he has lately come to realize that he was not a traitor, but a hero.

The truth is more important than any one man - or even one administration.
Richard Nixon learned a difficult lesson - do not lie to the American people. Do not circumvent the Constitution.

Does our present occupant of the Oval Office understand those lessons?

Is there a need for a 2005 Deep Throat? Maybe. But who has that strength and courage of conviction?

Until then:
Good morning, Mr. Felt.
And thank you.


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