Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ironing Naked

No, I haven't entered the Extreme Ironing Competition.

I am, however, using a sun-less moisturizer to give me a "healthy glow" - actually to try to even out the lines on my arms - from my "trucker tan" - one sided, tee-shirt line type tan - and to make my legs look less like a bowl of cream rice.

I smooth on this moisturizer (which is actually a pretty good moisturizer) after drying off from the shower. Then I'm supposed to wait "several minutes" before getting dressed.

I've always been chubby and now I'm old and chubby. I don't like to walk around naked - at all. But I DO want that "healthy glow." So I fix my breakfast, putz around, gather up my clothes, etc - all while allowing the promised glow to settle in.

This morning I decided to iron au naturale. Trust me: ironing naked makes you more careful with where the iron is going - and where YOU are going.

That lead me to a thought. Maybe we should approach life as if we were "ironing naked" - with an open awareness of what is happening around us - not only where WE are going (physically, emotionally, spiritually), but where others are going (physically, emotionally , spiritually).

We must become aware of the people, the places, the things and the animals around us - all around us - value their paths as much as we value our own.

Iron naked one day - you'll see what I mean.


Blogger Dorothy said...

LOL, I cracked up over your blog post today, Mitzi. Ironing naked...I remember I used to live in a house out in the middle of nowhere and I used to sunbathe au naturel and man what a feeling. Haven't done it for some time...we moved and I live on the highway. Guess I'll have to take up ironing...grin...

1:23 PM  

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