Friday, June 17, 2005

Creating Energy

This is not a post about wind farms (great idea and I think they're beautiful) or solar homes (I want one). This is about personal energy.

I try to "blog" several times a week on two blogsites. Sometimes it's daily. Sometimes not.
Sometimes I want to write something that's useful to whomever may be reading my words of wisdom. Sometimes I don't - I just want to write.

Writing - the process of creating something with words, be it a personal essay or opinion (which is what most of my blogs are) or fiction (my works-in-progress) - writing "turns me on." No, not like THAT - although if it's one of those scenes . . . .When I write, it's as if my energy level has been ramped up more than a notch - many notches.

So, if this blog means nothing to you, it may be because you have yet to find your creative juices that ramp you up - that envigorate you - that provide you your own personal energy source.

Start looking.


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