Friday, June 24, 2005

Can you say RACIST? The saga of Oprah and the Paris boutique

I don't give a crap that Hermes is apologizing.
I don't give a crap that she is the most recognizable black woman in history.
I don't give a crap that she had ordered thousands of dollars worth of designer bags (probably the reason for the apology).

I give a crap that the store did NOT let a black woman inside.
I give a crap because the French set themselves up as "Oh, so much better than you barbarian Americans."
I give a crap because I'm freakin' tired of this crap.
So what if someone's black, or yellow, or brown or red or . . .even fat like me. If I can afford to buy your crap, let me in the f---ing store.

If I'm in the damn JUNIOR section at Boscov's, do NOT give me the stink eye and tell me the "Woman's Section is over there." I just may be buying something for a friend.

I've been told by black friends that sometimes sales people follow them around a store - especially if it's an "upscale" store. Hmmpf! "Upscale" my ass!

Can you say "Wynona Rider"? Oh, sure - Hermes would have let little, white Wynona in.

I wonder if Hermes is thinking of opening a store in Philadelphia, Mississippi.


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