Tuesday, August 07, 2007

An Unwanted Alaska Adventure

Last Wednesday Heather and I flew from Skagway (tiny town with no land way out except for miles through Canada) to Juneau in one of these:

Then we took a "real" plane from Juneau to Seattle. We had a car service waiting for us at SEA-TAC to take us to Everett. By 2 AM Heather was in the Providence Hospital Colby Campus emergency ward. We thought she had an abscess at the site where her lymph nodes had been removed. That was why we "high-tailed" it off the ship in the middle of the cruise.

Luckily it was only (?) a collection of lymphatic fluid and she was in the hospital overnight on IV antibiotics. She went back to work yesterday and I flew home.

We still saw a lot of Alaska including the glacier pictured in the previous post. However, Heather enjoyed the ride in the single-engine, six-seater best while Momma was just praying that it wouldn't crash and we wouldn't all become bear poop.

Alaska is beautiful - even from the air, clutching the sides of the seat.


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