Monday, July 23, 2007

Another word about the Harry Potter series

I'm getting tired of the trashing of the series and Rowling by people who:
1. haven't read more than one book in a year or their life
2. think it promotes Satanism (it promotes doing what's right and staying true to your friends and yourself)
3. have never read the book
4. read the book and then gave away the ending
5. think the series is for children - see the comment in #2 - many "adults" should learn those values.

The phenom that was (is) Potter is wonderful because for once every few years, millions of people around the world were having the same experience that was connected to one thing - a book written by a marvelous storyteller.

I've read everything from Beowulf to Nora Roberts (although Beowulf was a translation from the Old English) - and not that Roberts is on the opposite side of literary scale- she's a storyteller for her time - our time.

And so is Rowling. I flew through HP7 and didn't want to stop reading it. I had to stop several times just because my back or legs were cramping from being in one position.

Once upon a time, I carried around a 800+ page book by an upcoming author and told people, "You have to read this book. This writer is going to be famous and one day he'll be taught in schools."

The book: The Stand. Another writer with his own set of critics.

Great storytelling is great storytelling.

So to all of JKR's and HP's detractors.
Give it up - read the series and fall into a different world - maybe even a better world.


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