Sunday, July 15, 2007

Tired and Cranky

Cannot take the heat. I feel and look like this. (Image is from an old Roman bust, sculptor long dead who cannot sue me for copyright infringement - so there!)

Back and forth to Seattle and not for a good thing, although being with Heather is always a good thing, but I was worried. Coming back and immediately falling into work problems with long, long days and the attitude of some male coworkers that they dictate and women scuttle (quickly, please).

I was able to go to Gettysburg for things MITZI wanted to do - good for me! And Heather and I will be going to Alaska in less than two weeks - good for us! We both deserve it.

But back to the heat - can't take it. Even air conditioning doesn't help, unless I can stay inside for a couple of months. I can't take going in and out of air conditioning and heat - wears me out.

On the other hand, Seattle was having a heat wave - up to 90 one day. Looking better and better.


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