Monday, July 09, 2007

Some Good News

Last month I entered a "Best First Line" Contest at Samhain Publishing's blog site (go to Each week I was still in the running and each week we got to add another line.

I was one of ten entries (out of 300) picked by an editor. Lindsey McGurk chose Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey because of my first few lines. W0000-hooo! I get to send her the full manuscript.

So off my baby went tonight - requested yet again by another editor.

I just want someone to find an almost fifty widow, the bossy daughter who supports her, her conman father, her ride: Harry the Hearse, her job at Rosenblatt and Romano Mortuary and the paranormal town of Braybury, PA interesting enough to give me a contract.

Still waiting on the other editor/agent requests. So glad I developed patience in my dotage.


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