Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Farnsworth House Inn attic orb

I've always wanted to stay at the Farnsworth House Inn, supposedly one of the most haunted inns or hotels in the US.

I stayed in the Eisenhower Room, named in honor of Mamie. Nothing untoward happened the two nights I was there, but I did get an orb - small and moving, making a right angle (you can see it on the left of this picture) - in the inn's attic.

During the Battle of Gettysburg Confederate sharpshooters were in the inn's attic, firing at the Union soldiers on Cemetery Hill. It's believed that one of these sharpshooters accidently killed the only civilian to die in the Battle - Jennie Wade, a young woman who was staying with her sister in a small house between this house and the Cemetery.

This was the attic door and it refused to close for the tour guide.
The orb(s) does not appear in the first picture I took moments before this one.

Who knows what it could be. I do know that so much energy was expended in that town, the houses and the land, during those three days 144 years ago, that something must remain. And every so often, we're lucky enough to see a glimpse of whatever it is.


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