Saturday, June 02, 2007

Birds in General - Sea Gulls in Specific - and Totems

My fascination with birds: I can watch them all day. Maybe it's the cat in me or maybe it's that I love all of nature.

One of my favorite scenes from Mary Poppins (and the saddest) is of the old woman feeding the pigeons on the steps of St. Paul's in London. She is alone but not alone - surrounded by the pigeons who know her and know that she will be there to offer them crumbs or seed.

Next to Heather's apartment is a senior high rise building. I always see the residents walking their dogs - all sizes of dogs, even a husky-mix - some of them need to use walkers or electric wheelchairs (the residents, not the dogs).

And there's a woman who, every morning between 7 and 8, brings a bag of something out to the back of the building and feeds the sea gulls. They know when she's coming - they're there first. I know; I've seen their gathering.

There are crows that nest on the roof immediately above Heather's second floor apartment. Sitting in front of her large picture window that looks out over part of downtown Everett, I saw them, huge black birds, swooping up to the rooftop. "Did you send them to watch me?" she asked, knowing that crow is one of my totem animals. "Yep. To watch over you" was my answer. I think she liked that.

I just hope she doesn't see the wolf pack that's guarding her.


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