Saturday, May 26, 2007


Dreams are funny things - they can take a small incident or comment and distort it.

I have a chore I'm doing for Heather. She wants an old book case painted green to be used outside as a flower stand. Last night I dreamed that I was painting a wooden bookcase white - books still in it.

We were at Half-priced Books the day before. Last night my dream included a used book sale with hundreds of abridged versions of all the "great" books. The covers were patterned and the pages had the same pattern - every page with the text printed over the pattern.

Rich emailed Heather and said he thought Murray had eaten the small figure of Ringo that I have in my Beatles books area. Murray hadn't of course, but Ringo may be hiding from the cats anyway. So last night I dreamed that I was with the Beatles and Paul (a young Paul) was wearing what I thought was the most beautiful coat - camel hair with smudges of all different colors. This morning as I remember the coat, I just think it was god-awful.

Meanings: I don't have the time to even think about that. It's enough that I even remembered them.

Paul McCartney in a god-awful coat - yep, it could have happened - 40 years ago.


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