Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heck of an Incision

It's about 8 inches long and will leave a large dent in her calf. But she's not upset. Neither am I. We both felt that the surgeon should take out as much as possible just as long as he got all of the melanoma. Now it's just the wait for the final path reports to come back.

The first path report from the biopsy showed Stage I/II - so that was good.

Heather can't go to work the rest of the week and she has to keep her leg elevated. I rigged up an make-shift ottoman with a box of books (there's always a box of books) and a pillow. I'll move it to under her large computer table and she'll be able to work on her projects from home.

I'll be relegated to the laptop - but I'll survive. I just want her well.

Good vibes towards that end are coming from all over.

Blessings to all who've sent them.


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