Sunday, May 20, 2007

Seattle and Seagulls

The air is better here.

Figaro woke me up by her "talking" - so I went outside and just took several deep breaths of the morning air. It was so quiet - not even the seagulls were awake. The sun is just beginning to come up now and the gulls are calling. As Heather says, "These are the real seagulls, not the Wal-Mart parking lot kind." They are huge - with a wing span that must be longer than my arm span. Last month I watched a woman from the senior citizen highrise next door feed a group of gulls. She was small and using a walker - I was afraid one was going to pick her up and fly away with her.

Today we're going to "Fine Wines and Felines" to raise money for a cat shelter called "Meow." Right up our alley.

Life is good.


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