Friday, May 18, 2007

Why the apartment needs cleaning....

Writing it all down makes it real and implants it on my brain.

Elizabeth Peacock and the Body on Abbey Road:
Partial to Jessica Wade of Berkley
Partial to Janet Benrey who then requested the full
Partials out to two more agents (no answers)

Murray's Choice
Submitted to Woman's World

Love Pats
Submitted to Cup of Comfort for Cat Lovers

Elizabeth Peacock and the Ghost of Heartbreak Hotel
250 pages -

Submission for The Lotus Circle (untitled so far)
30 pages

Working on:
Feature queries to Woman's World
Query to Haunted Times - ghost hunting in Gettysburg
Query to The History Channel Magazine - The Rupp History House of Gettysburg

Short Stories:
Reviewing markets for my horror short stories

In the Works:
Biography of Elizabeth Bell Morgan
Ghosts of Easton

Elizabeth Peacock and the Wolf of Stones Crossing'
Elizabeth Peacock and the Crop Circle of Death
The King's Shield - time travel to Camelot
Daffodil Season - love knows no age
The Change - coming of age for 40+ woman
Forever - General John F. Reynolds and Catherine Hewitt


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