Friday, May 18, 2007

How I Feel About Now...

Shrink and I were just about ready to wrap up our session when cell phone rang. I didn't answer it, thinking it was one of my regional nurses and she would leave me a message.
When I picked up the call, it was work but work telling me that Heather's dad was in one ER with chest pain and being transfered to another hospital for an emergency cardiac cath.
Backstory: I'm flying to Seattle tomorrow to be with Heather when she has a melanoma removed from her leg and to wait for path report to tell us if it's the "benign" form of melanoma. Rich was going to watch over my cats for me.
So several problems at once.
Rich is okay - cath was completed ok and he'll be in ICU overnight. Major issue seemed to be medication and not cardiac problem.
I have volunteers for animal-care. (Goddess bless good friends).
Now I'm taking a break from work (trying to get my work affairs in order) to write about the morning - hoping that writing about it will make it go away and I'll have my energy back.
No - still feel like I've been drug through a knot-hole backwards...
Really need a nap about now - but back to the files, the problems and the emails.


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