Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flying to Seattle

I'm leaving today for Seattle. Heather's surgery is Tuesday and we hope to have path report on Thursday. Then I can relax and enjoy being with her - as usual.
This is the view from her porch in Everett, WA- the snowy peak is Mt. Pilchuck. The building to the left is a senior citizen highrise - one that allows residents to have pets. I see older citizens walking their little dogs on a leash while using a roller walker for themselves.
I love it. Heather wants me to put in an application. I think she's only half kidding.
Cat care: Heather's dad is doing well and between him and his nephew Tommy, cats will be fine. Some of the great people who, after hearing that Rich was in the hospital and offered to help, read this blog. Thanks. You don't know how much that meant to me. And it's pushed me to an idea I've had a long time - I may start a pet-sitting business when I retire.


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