Saturday, July 28, 2007


Twenty years ago the people I worked with at the time would make fun of my "countdown" to Musikfest, "America's Music Festival" held every year in Bethlehem, PA. Going for the full nine days was my big vacation for the year. I would parcel out my money so I could have enough for food tickets everyday and maybe a couple of CDs. I loved Musikfest as my vacation; it was what I could afford. But I guess to people who would go to Mexico yearly, I was to be pitied.

Times have changed. I still try to get to a performance or two at Musikfest but I no longer spend an entire week there - it's too big, too commercial and besides, now I can afford to go other places. My vacation time is too precious to spend all of it in my own backyard.

England: 4 times
New York: Christmas with Heather several years ago, RWA National
Florida: Disney World, Sea World and Discovery Cove
Alaska: Sailing today

2008: Driving down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco
2009: Returning to England

In all fairness, I also use vacation days to write - my other passion. But I want (need) to travel. I want to see and do while I still can.

Pop landed on Normandy Beach on D-Day. At the 50th anniversary I wanted to take him to England and then over to France for the ceremonies. Mom had been gone several years by then and there was no reason for him to stay home - no reason but one:
"Your mother always wanted to go to England, but I never took the girl over. Now it's too late."

I want to travel before it's "too late."

Today it's Alaska.


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