Thursday, July 26, 2007

My definitation invasion of privacy

Make me walk barefoot in cold floors.
Make me take out my laptop, take off my jacket, dump my pockets.
Make me put all my make-up in clear plastic bags.
I don't care if the new scans show every scar - heck, the guy or gal reading that scan has to view my droopy breasts and pouchy stomach. Do I care?
Hell - no. Check me at airport security. A TSA undercover agent can even butt in line at security like he did Wednesday. After all the flights I've been on this year, I could care less - just keep me and my fellow passengers safe.

This, to me, is not an invasion of privacy.
But listening to my phone conversations or reading my emails without a warrant... That's completely different.

I'll take a total body scan at the airport anytime.


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