Thursday, May 03, 2007

This is not a plug...

...well, maybe it is.

I woke up this morning at 2:30 AM remembering that I had "misplaced" my ATM/Check Card. Acccck!

I'd gone into my purse the evening before and couldn't find it in its usual spot. "Must have it in the slacks I wore the day before - used it to buy gas." No worry, I thought. I paid with that unusual stuff - cash - and left.

At home, I got involved with hanging up the piles of clothes all over my bedroom (I'd bought hangers and no, I am not expecting a guest - just couldn't stand the piles any longer) and I forgot completely about the card. That is until 2:30 in the friggin' morning.

Of course I couldn't go back to sleep. I got up, opened up the newly hung slacks and found...empty pockets. I looked in the purse and pocketbook - several times. I even took a flashlight out to the car - no card. Damn!

I still couldn't go back to sleep - so I went online, got the 800 number and called. The most delightful woman finally answered - I really didn't wait that long. She took my information and told me that my old card was placed on hold (whew!) and the new card would be overnighted -I had to pay extra, but I felt better.

Sometimes we (I) gripe about huge corporations and their lack of customer service. Not this time. I am a happy girl - even though I got less sleep.
Thanks, Wachovia - instead of "Walk over ya", you were more "Watch over ya."


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