Monday, April 30, 2007

Easton is not Hoboken

Continuing my rant against Arcadia Development's Riverwalk Project in Easton:

I've heard people in favor of the project say that our river area could be like Hoboken. Here's a picture of Hoboken's river front. (

I've been to Hoboken. It's beautiful in its gentrified version. It attracts people - for the day and to live. Easton is not Hoboken.
To begin with Hoboken has a vast area between it's river front park and the city's buildings. There are fewer 1800 century buildings in Hoboken than there are Easton. And the biggest reason that Easton is not Hoboken is....Easton is not a quick ferry ride from New York City. One can live in Hoboken and not spend two hours (one way) on a bus to get to work or culture or fun in NYC.
Easton cannot be Hoboken - only Hoboken can be Hoboken. (Just like Holmes is not Sinatra).
Easton has to be Easton.


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