Sunday, April 22, 2007

Invisible Woman and the non Nurses Day Card

In defense of the truth:

If, by some stretch of any imagination, someone out there is looking for a Nurses Day card - you must google it and you will find this link. Sooooo much easier if one could just walk into a Hallmark store (or is that "an" Hallmark store?). And isn't it interesting that the link starts with "pressroom"?

Suddenly I don't give 2 freaking cents. I know that surveys have nurses at the top of professions that people trust. How about recognize, too? We're the vaccum cleaner in the closet - no one knows we're there until needed to clean up a mess.

One RN tired of cleaning up messes - puke, poo or pee included.

Can you work overtime tonight? I mean there's no one else - you're the only RN available....
And I'll respect you in the morning. Yeah, right.

And please - no Happy Nurses Day cards for me. No longer a "Happy Nurse".


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