Sunday, April 22, 2007

Horror Writers and Mass Murders

Click on the subject line and you will find King's views on predicting violence by looking at someone's writing - as in the case of the VA Tech shooter.
I've been talking about this to various friends - King fans, nonfans, writers, nonwriters.
There are some short stories I've written that, should a creative writing professor have been too concerned, would have had me spirited off to counseling - or more.
However, I have at least two things going in my favor: 1) I am a middle-aged female who really doesn't fit the profile of an alienated potential killer 2) I never really had a creative writing professor since I was never a young college student.
I have to say (blowing my own horn or marking me as a sick-o) that one of these blood and guts stories was about revenge and did win a horror-writing contest. And I love this story - absolutely love it - blood, guts and all.
Creative writers who choose to write about the horror of the real world or the supernatural world do not commit mass murder. The operative word (as King so succinctly says it in the article) is "creative".
And besides, the only gun I have is an air rifle - and my back hurts too much to even pump it up.


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