Thursday, April 19, 2007

RV Dreams

I have to see if someone’s doing this – a Charles Karault-type blog.
“On the Road” with Charles Karault was one of the most popular segments of CBS news.
That’s what I want to do – travel the country in my RV (just me and the cats), blogging about what I find – the places, the people, the history.
Travel, meet interesting people and hear their stories and then write about it all as I go.
Steinbeck had Travels with Charlie.
Mitzi could have Travels with Murray, Huusker and Miss Kittie. Or, in homage to Stephen King, From a Minnie Winnie.
I don't need a big RV - just one that has a good bed, kitchen and indoor plumbing - old lady on diuretics does NOT want to walk to a latrine in the middle of the woods in the middle of the night. I'm not afraid of the woods at night - only wet pants.
So, my retirement will be living with Heather in the winter and driving the country in the summer.
Sue Henry writes marvelous mysteries about a woman in her sixties who does just that (only she lives in Alaska in the summer and travels the Lower 48 in the winter). She's my hero - Sue and her fictional counterpart.
I could do this.


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