Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday Morning in Everett WA

First I must say that Taste Washington was wonderful. I had some great wine and marvelous food. The show was a big success and Varsity Communications ( deserves ALL the credit. Yes, I am biased since Heather works for them.

She was in the "supply hut" passing out extra forks, napkins, spit cups. "It's Hip to Spit." When tasting many different wines (for those of you not used to fancy shindigs like this - like me), one is encouraged to just taste the wine and spit it out (into a cup, please)- then swirl some water in your glass to prepare for the next taste. The food can complement the wine or cleanse your palate for the next gulp (er...taste).

At 8 PM when all the tasters were out the door, it was time to do "take down" (as they say during Bethlehem, PA's Musikfest). Heather had to box up all the extras (paperware, etc - NOT bottles of wine) and stack them on pallets. She did have two guys helping and I even did a bit. We left Qwest Events Center after 10 and didn't get home until 11. We were both pooped.

This morning she had to finish a project for work - that's done, but she's still tired.
Alpacas and tulips can wait. We're just going to spend some good mother-daughter time.
Anyway, I'll be back in July.


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