Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Invisible Woman... not an action heroine with special powers.
She's a middle-aged woman.
I'm a middle-aged woman.
There are times when I'm invisible.
I was at Newark/Liberty airport baggage claim with only 20 minutes to get my bag and make it to the bus stop to catch the next Transbridge Bus to the LVIP. The next one wouldn't come for 2 hours and I was not looking forward to a two hours wait in the airport.
I'd hustled my almost 60 year old butt off the plane, into a bathroom and then down two floors to the baggage claim, all the while hauling a large pocketbook and a carry-on (both full of books - of course). Then I'd taken the very best position at the turnstyle - right where the bags dropped.
It wasn't long before I was being inched out from my staked-out spot by giggly, svelt, long-haired almost 20-somethings - a bunch of college kids (male and female) coming back from some group trip. It was the girls who were the pushiest, the guys stood back as the girls elbowed their way against me.
But chubby does come in handy sometimes, it took them all their strength to move me an inch and I pushed back. My bag rolled out before any one of theirs (nah-nah-nahnah) and I whirled it around, barely missing a shapely bare leg (one of theirs, not mine).
I was outside the airport sitting under the Transbridge sign while the college kids piled into their chartered bas - their bus would have waited for them (no need to push an invisible woman out of the way).
I've decided to act as if I'm a college girl - or better yet, a sorority girl - the world owes me just because I exist. Like, yeah, of course - like, really.
I never had the chance to act as if the world revolved around me. Never was able to develop that attitude - wasn't in college. I was locked up in nursing school where you were told, constantly, that "you" were not important but "everyone" else was.
So now I'm out to get what I'm owed - after 40 years.
Watch out, sorority girls - momma is on the loose and she's no longer invisible.


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