Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Invisible Woman - Reprise

Take a good look at this picture. This is what student nurses looked like "back in the day." This is what I looked like. This is what MOST nurses working today looked like as students. The median age of today's working RNs is 47 - that's forty-frigging-seven. They're the ones who are passing meds, standing at OR tables, moving patients, starting IVs and cleaning up poo, puke and pee.

And our numbers are dwindling.

Today I went to Jill's "Gold Crown" Hallmark Store on 25th Street in Easton, PA to get Happy Nurses Day cards to send to my 18 Directors of Nursing. No cards. There are piles of Administrative Assistant Day cards - no Nurses Day cards. Must be an oversight. I'll check on the website. I did - looked everywhere. NONE. Not a frigging one.

So what - no one really needs nurses.

Not until you're sick, having a baby, going for surgery, have an accident, need rehab...

Next time you need an IV, need assist in surgery, need someone to change your surgical dressing, or clean up your poo, puke and pee - call on an administrative assistant.

This RN is retiring as soon as she can. Very few people out there, especially those who work at Hallmark, will even notice I'm gone.


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