Thursday, May 03, 2007

Going Crazy Over a New York Number

I am becoming certifiable - really, come and take me away - hahahahahaha.
The phone rang and I picked up. A woman said, "May I speak to Mary?" Before I could say a word (BTW: "Mary" is my "real" name), a cat jumped over the phone cord, pulling it out of the wall.
I dialed *69 and got the number. It was a 212 exchange. 212 - 212- 212. New-frigging-York City!. Who do I know in New York City? Agents - agents - agents. The agents I've queried and with, as yet, no answer or an acceptance (positive thinking!).
I dialed the number. "It's an agent - it's an agent - it's an...."
Nope - it was a company signing up website domain names.
Thank Goddess tomorrow is my day with the psychotherapist.


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