Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Madness...

...and I don't mean basketball, either.

March has been intense.

I was in Seattle visiting Heather at the beginning of the month where i finished writing and revising a mystery short story.

The week I came home, there were meetings at work. That Saturday was Pocono Lehigh Romance Writers meeting where we got ready for our workshop with Jonathan Maberry.

The workshop was the following Saturday.

This week I was in the office two days and then onto the PADONA (PA Directors of Nursing Long Term Care Division) Conference for three days in Hershey PA.

On Friday when I leave Hershey I will go home, shower, grab a bit fo supper, change clothes and go to the cocktail party for The Write Stuff, Great Lehigh Valley Writers Group writing conference. Saturday is the full day of that conference where I'll be pitching my memoir.

The last Sunday of March will be my Day of Rest - if I give myself permission.

I want to revise a short story for the Deadly Ink Conference and I want to start working on my tiny yard.

March Madness and I've been running around like the March Hare.


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