Monday, March 23, 2009

Lovely Dream


Why do the best dreams come right before the alarm goes off?
Mine do and last night was no different.
I found myself walking along an English country road, carrying tomatoes (don't have an explanation- that's just what it was).

I walked by a stone cottage on a curve in the road when a woman came out to greet me and ask me in for tea. I watched her make scones and she said, "I use two sticks of butter. I know, everyone cringes at that. But I still do it - makes them taste better." She lived there with her two sisters and we sat and talked about how I got to England.

Evidently I went to England instead of going to work. I had yet to call work to tell them where I was and I didn't care. I was in England. The sisters told me where to sell my tomatoes and I walked down to the village and then back up to their cottage. While back at their cottage someone delivered eggs and flour for them.

Then the four of us got in their car so they could drive me back to my cottage (MY cottage - wow!) and one of the sisters showed me a map of the area.

Interpretation: I want to return to England. I want to stay in a cottage in Cornwall or Somerset. I want to walk the country roads.

And the three sisters? Well....
The iconic English witches, of course.


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