Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Reality of Cleaning When You're 62.....

1. Have 2 cups of strong coffee
2. Ignore palpitations
3. Load dishwasher
4. Sit down
5. Dust
6. Sit down
7. Do litter boxes (if you don't have cats, ignore #7)
8. Sit down then get up and put litter garbage bag outside on the patio
9. Continue to sit for a few more minutes while trying not to get involved with John King and his "magic board" - not a porn site.
10. Drag out vacuum cleaner (preferably one that does cat hair, unless you were able to ignore #7 and part of #8)
11. Sit down
12. Turn on vacuum and try NOT to sit down. Vacuum.
13. You may sit down in between rooms if necessary. For me, it's necessary.
14. Sit down
15. Clean out twenty pounds of cat hair from vacuum and look for cats who are hiding. If you don't have cats, don't look for them, you may find some.
16. Sit down
17. Take out garbage
18. Sit down and now you can watch John King or read or write. You are done.

The next day:
1. Turn on dishwasher since you forgot to do it in between all those "sit downs".


Blogger Lisa:GainFaith,LoseWeight said...

Funny and oh so true!

11:53 AM  

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