Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Weird Things About Me

My friend Chris "tagged" me with "Seven Weird Things About Me". SIGH....

Okay, my friend, you asked for it:

7. I love, love, love Stephen King and would chase him if he wasn't married. I know - skinny, weird guy - seems to be what I've been attracted to lately.

6. I would rather read an afternoon away (after writing the morning away).

5. I love, love, love being alone - most of the time. (see #6)

4. My very best friend in the world is my daughter - maybe that's not so weird, after all.

3. When I was in middle school, I voted for Nixon in a mock election. I will never live that down.

2. My religious beliefs: I walk with one foot on the green path (pagan) and one on the red path (Native American). Maybe that's not so weird, either. I do believe in a supreme force, being, God, Goddess, just not organized religion. I believe that Nature should guide us- and if She did, we wouldn't be in half the mess we're in now.

1. I could live in a cabin in the woods surrounded by trees and animals. My daughter calls me "Snow White, the later years." I would, however, forgo the dwarfs.

And just for fun, I'll give you another one:
Mitzi, who still reads the classics, loves plays, adores EA Poe and all the Brontes...
Mitzi, who watches Masterpiece Theater and goes to the Shakespeare Festival (if she likes the play - please bring back Macbeth!)...
That Mitzi loves "One Live to Live" - a soap! I record it everyday. Before VCRs, etc as a visiting nurse, I would take my lunch time at home while it was on. I guess it comes from working 3-11 and watching Victoria Lord (all of her personalities) and the rest of the denizens of the Pennsylvania town of Llandview before I went to work.
And if I were thirty years younger and sixty pounds lighter I would stalk Michael Easton ("John McBain").

And that's enough weirdness.


Blogger Chris Casey said...

You earn the gold star for being a good sport!

I understand the solitude in the woods thing. I like to sit out on my deck on warm nights and write on the laptop with the frogs croaking in the retention pond, despite the occasional skunk spray.

7:28 AM  

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