Saturday, January 24, 2009

Living for and in the Weekends

Sometimes I think my "real" life begins 4:30 PM on Friday night. That's when I get the chance to do the things I want to do - to be the real Mitzi.

Last weekend I went to a lecture by Poe scholar, Daniel Hoffman, at the Poe House in Philadelphia - alone.

This weekend I went to see Frost and Nixon Friday night. Today (Saturday) I'm going to stop briefly at a writers meeting, then I'll spend the afternoon at a UFO conference and then the evening at a Robert Burns Birthday party. I'll do all of those things alone - I'll be with people - but I go alone.

If I would wait for someone to go with me, or someone who has my diverse interests, I would sit in my apartment forever and go nowhere and do nothing.

My weekends are the days that the real Mitzi lives her life. During the week she's a nurse.
But the weekends...the weekends..
I live for my weekends.


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